Monday, October 3, 2011

In loving memory ...
Piggie Hamster V

I've got lots of hamsters and they're all named Piggie. Don't know how I came up with that name but somehow, they kinda stuck and I named every single one of them Piggie (with the exception of other hamsters, of course) This Piggie however, was adopted from a friend who could not care for them coz she's going back to Australia and this Piggie was my very first 'all white' Piggie. My other Piggie hamsters are usually brown. This particular Piggie is also very extremely tame and the very first hamster to sleep on his back!! How cute!!! Anyway, he's gone now ... very old indeed. I missed him. I shall always remember him as my only adopted hamster, one that is super greedy but yet only eats kinda healthy food and one who sleeps on his back!!! 

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