Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Here's a little bit about my Jessy.

How did she come into my life .. well, I wanted a dog and went searching for one. Bought a miniature pincher but that puppy was too whinny and I took it back to the seller. Then back to searching I go and stumbled on a cute fluffy white dog in a pet shop in Penang. I fell in love with it immediately and ended up buying him and naming him Snow. Well, Snowball to be exact but then mum said Snowball is a little to long so it was shortened to Snow.

Then Snow became very naughty, I didn't exactly know how to train a dog and I've decided to take him to training classes. Found online that this pet shop in Tanjung Bungah offered training classes for dogs. Went there to have a look and somehow, my sister stumbled on Jessy instead. She was sitting quietly on the sofa and if my sister had not sat there, she would not even be noticed.

Somehow, the pet show owner didn't really wanted Jessy. She was only for breeding purposes and I bought Jessy from the shop. That was how Jessy came into my life.

She was a very shy and timid dog and after so many years, she grew accustomed to us. She has also developed a fondness for meat, especially chicken and her weight went up to almost double since she first came.

She is however unwell at this moment. The vet found poison in her liver and she has lost a lot of weight as she was not eating well. Taking her to see the vet tomorrow. Hopefully she will get better.

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